Five of Five Entertainment

A student-run record label located at California State University, Northridge


Five of Five Entertainment (VOVE) is the Cal State Northridge student-run record label that seeks emerging talent in the greater Los Angeles area. Our mission is to help artists develop their sound and elevate their presence in the local music scene and beyond.


Who We Are

VOVE is a student-run record label located at California State University, Northridge

  • Our event team extensively researches local venues to find the stage with the highest potential for each artist and is there to set up and staff their shows. All the artist has to do is play.

  • The creative production team provides artists with professional recording equipment and services to make their next record commercially viable. VOVE also provides live production to make for unforgettable concerts, as well as photography and video services so that our artists’ fans always see their best.

  • Our marketing team works tirelessly to promote the music and develop the brand of our artists over a multitude of social media networks, broadcasters, print and online publications, in the streets, and via merchandising. We employ meticulous data analytics and careful tracking of current trends and industry developments in order to strategically multiply and invigorate their fans.

  • The VOVE A&R team is here to set meaningful, realistic goals, and manage the time and efforts of our artists, keeping them on a productive, progress-oriented schedule that produces tangible results for their music careers. In addition to this, our talented staff assists artists in maintaining their public profile, developing their repertoire, and controlling their intellectual property.

  • Our business affairs and accounting team keeps detailed records of the label’s financial transactions and oversees the creation of any and all legal agreements.


Executive Producers: Alexis Colson, Sarah Fitzpatrick 

Director of Business Affairs/Accounting: Sarah Ward

Director of A&R/Management: Rafael Gomez

Director of Marketing: Kenzie McCarrel

Director of Events: Victoria McDermott

Director of Production: Ryan Bardales

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Izzo