Five of Five Entertainment

A student-run entertainment branding company located at California State University, Northridge

Deep Fields

Lewis-Deep Fields-Week7.png

Deep Fields is a six person group that hails from Los Angeles. Their music muddies the border between funk and indie rock, melding both the genres into a beautiful masterpiece. One of their hits “Leonidas” intros with a funky bass solo, and then transitions into an atmospheric guitar sounds, giving your earbuds a taste of what they are all about. One minute they are giving you some funk and the next they change it up to some atmospheric sound mixed with an indie rock vibe. Deep Fields is a beautiful enigma whose music is the next best thing!

Earth Arrow

Lewis-Earth Arrow-Week4.png

If you enjoy dancing till your feet rebel and fall off, you need to check out this new dance-worthy group, Earth Arrow! This band possesses a strong African, Afro-Cuban, hip hop, and neo soul  influences, hence the gotta-be-dancing feelings their music emanates. Earth Arrow is able to  stay true to their jazzy, hip hop, and Afro-Cuban roots, while defying those who aim to put them in the box of a specific genre. When in attendance of one their shows, you will surely not be disappointed from the addictive positive energy they bring to the stage and the emotional intensity they play with, they are truly a spectacle of music!