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Moa Munoz

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Recently Swedish Native, Moa Munoz, has been discovering her own voice, and it’s booming with talent. At the beginning of her music career, she was in the all girl Kiss tribute band called Priss and in the hard rock band, Dead Heroine, as the lead vocalist. Her debut song “Soldier” as a solo artist is a power anthem for people who work hard for what they want and what they believe in. “Soldier” is a personal representation of her due to her confidence in move to a different country with the goal of pursuing her dreams. After “Soldier”, she continued putting out single after single. My personal favorite is “My Name is Doubt.” The chorus is relatable to every person: “I’m lighting up insecurities, you’re never getting rid of me, My Name is Doubt.” Moa’s music has a great rock feel with elements of electronic music which brings out all the layers of her music. Her style is reminiscent of great rock artists like Evanescence and Linkin Park. If you need more powerful rock women, give Moa a listen. Moa Munoz is always releasing her next creative art piece soon after her last, so she never leaves her fans waiting.