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Okay so maybe I’m on a Neo-Soul trend, but have you heard CLAY? Gabrielle Walter Clay’s music contains sung R&B/ Neo-Soul melodic lines with rap/spoken-word verses. Currently she only has two singles released. Her first single “Wildthing” consists of two parts, the first is built on a slow groove, and the second is more of a ballad, with lyrics focusing on how a relationship had taken everything from her. Her most recent single is titled “Forgotten How to Fly” which is about having confidence in oneself. In an interview for W Magazine, she brought to light how the single she released was the rough version, but this raw and authentic quality is what made the recording special. In an Instagram post about “Forgotten How to Fly” she writes, “This song is about finding and re-finding the answers within even in darkness. I sing this song to find myself, remind myself, forgive myself, and love myself, and hope that others resonate and find the same healing while listening”. CLAY’s whole persona is something that is truly inspiring and uplifting. She sings daily on Instagram so people can continually be up to date with her jazzy/ bluesy sound. Check out the lovely CLAY and all the goodness, and wellness she puts out into the world!